Introduction: The Signature Move is your moment to emotionally connect with and capture the audience, creating a long lasting, memorable impression--an opportunity for the audience to remember you, talk about you long afterwards, and as their mental short cut to remembering your creative skating abilities, your program and you as the skater.

For example, it could be an iconic skating move or element performed with the skater’s individual style and interpretation, or a new and creative move or element developed by the skater that becomes an iconic representation of your skating skills and creativity.

Signature Move Definition: A captivating move or series of moves, with or without jump(s) (listed or unlisted and independent of the number of revolutions but not to exceed three), that continuously flow across at least half the ice surface (with visible and identifiable beginning and end), or a jump or spin or even a jump/spin combination that uniquely and remarkably showcases your creativity, artistry and athleticism, all while skated to the character of the music. There is no minimum or maximum duration (number of seconds) for the Signature Move, yet it needs to be harmoniously integrated into your entire program.

Discussion: The Signature Move is intentionally loosely defined, which in turn gives the skater full creativity in developing and performing it and in presenting your “wow moment” for the audience and judges. It is not the difficulty of the moves, jump, spin, etc. but more importantly the impression created by it.

Examples of the Signature Move could include long spirals, delayed jumps, jumps and/or spins in both directions, spread eagle combination jumps, flying spins, knee slides or barrel rolls. The list is nearly endless and is open to the skater’s creative imagination.