The 2021 Peggy Fleming Trophy returns as a virtual event


U.S. Senior Level Men and Ladies


Event Timeline

Video submission deadline– June 28, 2021

Event judging– July 13, 2021

Streaming on USFS FanZone– July 16, 2021


The fourth annual Peggy Fleming Trophy (PFT) is a collaboration with the Broadmoor Skating Club with the support of U.S. Figure Skating.
The focus of the event is the skater’s ability to artistically express and present a complete composition while demonstrating superb technical skills. The music, creativity and overall performance qualities are the emphasis of the competition and all skating elements are assessed from an artistic point of view.
There is NO entry fee for the 2021 event. There is new prize money.
We presently have 19 active entries, Senior level Men and Ladies competing together and against each other for the Trophy. Each skater will record their 3:30 minute performance at their home ice arena and then digitally upload it to a U.S. Figure Skating platform for evaluation by a world-class group of officials. 
The event with performances and supporting video segments will be streamed on July 16th on USFS FanZone.
PFT Program Requirements
There are nine technical elements which have fixed base scoring values. Each element will receive a Grade of Execution (GOE) mark based on the artistic execution of the element in relationship to the program as a
The prize money for a podium finish is:
1st place: $3,000
2nd place: $2,000
3rd place: $1,000
Additionally, non-podium skaters receiving +4 and/or +5 GOEs by a majority of the judges on the “Signature Move” and/or “Creative Spin” will get a $100 award for each of these elements as a special acknowledgement.
The winner of the Peggy Fleming Trophy will have his/her name added to the side of the special sculpture commissioned by Peggy and donated to the Broadmoor Skating Club to celebrate the competition.
The elements are the following:
•4 jump elements (one Axel-type)
•3 spin elements (one creative spin)
•1 step sequence
•1 signature move
Unique to this event is the “Signature Move” and the “Creative Spin:”
  • Signature Move—A creative move/movement series, or an iconic skating move, jump, or spin tailored to your personal style and strength.
  • Creative Spin—A spin of 6 revolutions or more created with unique positions and design, giving the skater creative identity without limitations of position and features.
Illegal elements as prescribed by the ISU are prohibited.  For this event, quad jumps are prohibited.