Olympic Charmer11032_205456095020_1922789_nPeggy Fleming is the 1968 Olympic Champion in Ladies’ figure skating, a five time National Champion and a three-time World Champion. She is known for her graceful style and athletic elegance as well as excellence in compulsory figures. Peggy’s win at the Olympics in Grenoble launched a long and successful career as both professional figure skater and sports commentator with ABC Sports. She won many outstanding awards and is considered a pioneer in women’s athletics.

In 1998, Peggy celebrated another victory: surviving Breast Cancer. Peggy’s cancer was detected early and she underwent surgery and radiation. She is a grateful survivor who became a spokesperson for Breast Cancer Awareness. After her recovery, she retired from the spotlight and ventured into winemaking, launching Fleming Jenkins Wines with her husband, Dr. Greg Jenkins. Together they ran a tasting room in their hometown of Los Gatos, California. Both retired from winemaking in 2011 to enjoy their own schedule and make time for painting, friends and family.

Peggy and Greg have two sons, Andy and Todd and three wonderful grandsons who live in Colorado.


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